Cheers to the Freakin Weekend - Cotton Candy Margarita

This delicious cocktail makes me think of Summer Carnivals and all of my favorite Carnival treats. Corn Dogs, Kettle Corn and of course Cotton Candy are my all time favs. This Drink includes Cotton Candy and Tequila to make this yummy Margarita.

I’m a girl who appreciates a good margarita. This margarita recipe demonstrates that perfectly. While it is a sweet margarita, it’s also a strong margarita. There’s no missing the cotton candy, but the tequila doesn’t cower in the corner either. If you prefer a more mild margarita, you can, of course, go a little heavier on the lime and sweetener to temper the tequila.

For this Margarita all you will need is: your favorite Tequila, Fresh lime juiced, Triple Sec liquor, Cream Soda, and Cotton candy.

We're going to mix all of the ingredients together a cocktail Shaker, pour in our Cocktail glass, then top with Cotton Candy and Enjoy!

Don't forget to invite your Girls over for some Friday night Fun!

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