Let Impress'D help you set off your V-Day!

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I just love the idea of planning a date for me and the hubby to celebrate each other and our love. Since we are in a pandemic we have to get a little creative with our date ideas, not to worry. I've listed a few pandemic friendly date ideas that I think you and your man will enjoy.

1.  Movie night at the Drive-In: Get Cute & Casual for a fun night at the Drive-In. You can pack the car with you and your babes favorite movie snacks. You can even get a little extra cozy, if you know what I mean. (Outfit Idea: Kill'em snakeskin midi & Black Turtleneck and comfortable boots).

2. Day Hike & Picnic: This is great for my ladies that love the outdoors. Select a beautiful State park with great trails for you two to explore together. You can pack Sandwiches, fresh fruit, sparkling water, and valentine cookies. Don't forget to pack a blanket and your favorite book for the picnic. (Outfit Idea: Track Star sweat suit & Track star tank top)  

3. Create a board game for you and your babe to play together: Make your own version of monopoly, roll dice and count out the number to land on the board. Act out whatever you land on. IE: Take a piece of clothing off, Give your partner a long kiss, give your partner a massage (you get the idea). (Outfit Idea: Kima Midi Dress)  

We hope the above ideas have ignited your Valentine Creative spirit to flow. Have fun, spice it up and make it special. 



Yvonne & Makaylah