Wind Down Wednesday - Rose Lemonade Mocktail

Hey my Beauties! 

It's Dry January so we are making a Mocktail! That's right NO Liquor this month, we are drying out from ALL the Holiday dranking we did over the last Two months!

Now Sis if you are not drying out like ya girl, just add your favorite spirit (Tequila or Vodka) would be yummy in this mocktail. 

This week's recipe is perfect for Girls Day In or Sunday Brunch with the Fam . This mocktail is sweet and refreshing, sure to tickle your taste buds. Let me know what you think about this Mocktail or if you turned it into a Cocktail!

The ingredients you'll need for this drink is:

1/2 oz of Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

4 oz of your favorite Lemonade

1 oz of pomegranate or Cranberry juice

1/2 oz of Grenadine 

1 oz of Club Soda

Grab your cute glass filled with Ice, add grenadine, lemonade, simple syrup and pomegranate juice to your glass, top off with Club Soda, garnish with Cherries and Lemon wedge.

Cheers & Enjoy!