Wind Down Wednesday - Black Edition - Lemonade & Rose

Hey my Beautiful people! 

I am super excited about our new segment for Wind Down Wednesday! I'll be shining a light on Black Owned Alcohol brands. In doing my research I was pleasantly surprise to find out we have a real presence in this industry. 

We are making flavored Tequila, Vodka, specially brewed Bourbons, White & Dark Rum to name a few. 

We are also stepping into the Wine making industry as well. This week we are spotlighting one of the waymakers in the industry...Snoop Dog!

Did you know Snoop has a popular line of Wines? His Red wines have been on the incline in the Wine industry! Now Snoop has released a new Cali Rose' this past year and we are here for it.This weeks cocktail is Rose' Lemonade! 

Snoops Rose' is a blend of Grenache and Zinfandel which breaks the traditional rose' culture. Rose' is a type of wine that incorporates some of the color from the grapes skins. 

For this cocktail you'll need: 3 oz of Rose', 2 oz of your favorite Lemonade.

Add Rose' and your favorite Lemonade into a Wine glass, stir, garnish with Lemon slices and Enjoy!

I hope you are ready for this delicious drink, you're going to love it, I promise!

I'll be going live this Wednesday at 7:30pm on our IG business page (ImpressDBoutique). 

Be there or be square!

Ya Girl Yvonne:)