Wind Down Wednesday - Let's Make the Nectarine Bourbon Smash

Hey my Beautiful people! 

This weeks cocktail is for my Bourbon Drinkers! I'll keep it real with you, I am not a Dark liquror drinker. However, I am excited to bring you this cocktail!

Bourbon is a type of American whiskey, distilled from a mash made primarily of corn.  

This weeks receipe is perfect for the Summer weather. I definetely want to get your feedback on this cocktial, did you love or Nah! Let your girl know. 

The ingredients you'll need for this drink is:

1 oz of Brown Sugar Simple syrup

2 oz of your favorite Bourbon

1/2 of a nectarine 

3 Sprigs of fresh Mint leaves

1 oz of Ginger Beer or Seltzer Water

Place your fresh mint leaves, nectarine slices, and simple syrup into your cocktail shaker, muddle ingredients together. Add your Bourbon into the shaker, Give it a nice shake, strain the drink into your cocktail glass filled with Ice, Garnish with mint leaves & a nectarine slices, Kick your feet up and Enjoy!

Please note the earlier time this week as Wednesday is my Birthday!

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