Wind Down Wednesday - The Henney Strawberry - Aide

Hey my Beautiful people! 

 This week we are putting on for my Henny Drinkers! We are making the Hot Girl Henny-Aide!

This cocktail is sure to please and get you where you need to be:)

I am excited to make this yummy cocktail this Wednesday.

You'll need the following:



2 oz Hennessy

1 ozTequila Reposado

3 oz Strawberry Lemonade

1oz of Red Bull Yellow Edition (Tropical flavor)

Pour all the ingredients in your Cocktail shaker filled with Ice, Strain and pour into your ocktaill glass., garnish with a Orange Slice, and sliced Strawberries, and enjoy!

Meet me this Wednesday at 7:30 pm on our IG Business page.