Wind Down Wednesday - The Matador

Hey my Beautiful people! Happy Tuesday! I hope your crushing it this week!

This weeks cocktail is for my Tequila drinkers. The Matador sounds yummy!  I can't wait to make this weeks drink.

For this cocktail you'll need: 2oz of your favorite Tequila (Reposado),1oz of Triple Sec, 1oz of Lime juice and 2oz of Pineapple juice.

Mix all ingredients in your cocktail shaker filled with ice, Shake, and strain into your cocktail glass filled with Ice, garnish with a lime wedge, then Enjoy!

I know this drink will be a hit! I can't wait for us to try this cocktail together. 

Meet me Wednesday night at 7:30pm on our IG business page (ImpressDBoutique). 

Be there or be square!

Ya Girl Yvonne:)