Wind Down Wednesday - Wild Blue Yonder

Hey my Beautiful people! Happy Tuesday! I hope your crushing it this week!

We have a 3 ingredient cocktail this week for my Vodka drinkers.  

You know Vodka is my Liquror of choice, so I am excited to make this drink.

For this cocktail you'll need: 2oz of your favorite Vodka,1/4oz of Peach Schnapps and 1/4oz of Blue Curacao.

Mix all ingredients in your cocktail shaker filled with ice, Shake,and strain into your cocktail glass filled with Ice, garnish with a lemon wedge & Cherry, then Enjoy!

I know this drink will be a hit! I can't wait for us to try this cocktail together. 

Meet me Wednesday night at 7:30pm on our IG business page (ImpressDBoutique). 

Be there or be square!

Yo Girl Yvonne:)